I have noticed in the US that most of the cream is “ultra pasteurized to greatly extend the “freshness” to 60 days; however, this could change the properties of the product. Is it OK to just refrigerate overnight and add the cream cheese in the morning? I eyeballed it until the mixture peaked. Remove the cupcakes from the pan. 6oz (170g) Semi-Sweet Chocolate, chopped 1/2 cup (120g) Table Cream or Heavy Cream at room temperature 1 or 2 Tbsp Cocoa Liqueur (optional) The cake is beautiful but I worry that the flavor would be very plain. Also, when you say white chocolate bars are you referring to bakers chocolate? You can find a dozen different quality chocolate bars but only a few white and the white morsels are seldom white chocolate. I also used a whisk to lightly blend in the flour to ensure to keep the sponge light. I did make the base with my family biscuit recipe though which is a bit of a higher base then. Thanks for your feedback, Jacqueline! I am still trying to figure out what exactly goes wrong and why. I hope this helps. My cake was dead anyway so I pulled it out of the refrigerator, scooped out the cake which was totally saturated with liquid and what liquid was left, I tried actually WHIPPING it with the hand mixer. I’ve never frozen it, Liz and I am worried it would mess with the texture of the truffle although I am not entirely sure, it might be okay. }); A proud member of the Berkshire Hathaway Family of Companies. Best, Julia. Thank you for such an amazing review! Let the chocolate stand for 3 minutes or until it's slightly cooled. read more.. I have a feelng that the whipping cream I used wasn’t thick enough so it was too runny. Total Time. That’s what it’s all about, the true spirit of Christmas. What a great outcome, Killeen! Cool for 30 minutes or to room temperature. For the frosting, place the white chocolate into the Small Micro-Cooker ®. I just made this and the same thing happened to me, Bridget: the sponge cake floated to the top. Thank you for the quick reply. See what's happening with the Feb 7, 2012 - White Chocolate Cupcakes with Truffle Filling. And chances are that it would have set up properly too. I am not entirely sure if this particular recipe could be adapted to a regular chocolate, however I have a recipe that I am planning to post soon that is essentially a chocolate version of it. It was delicious!! .tpcsocial .yt{background:url("../iceberg/images/socialicons/yt-off.png") no-repeat center center} Chocolate and white chocolate. Using the Vegetable Peeler, shave the chocolate to create curls. Mine did the exact same today! I used high fat mascarpone, Lindt white chocolate and high fat heavy cream. Everyone loved it. Absolutely magic! Update: According to guests, the white chocolate truffle cake was delicious and quite impressive. In a small saucepan, heat the cream just until it starts to bubble. or truffle layer gets firm. I think I will try either Valrohna Ivoire or Green and Black’s white chocolate with vanilla. }. What an elegant and delicious dessert for Christmas! Unfortunately, I don’t have much experience with gluten-free baking, the only gluten-free flour I use is buckwheat flour but its strong flavour would be all wrong for this cake. Hi Lindsay, yes it is possible to add 2 TBSP of cocoa to make it into a chocolate sponge. This recipe is phenomenal! I am in the U.S. and have made this a few times now. Hi Joanne. Any tips or advice. As with all cakes it’s best enjoyed fresh. Would you be able to let us know how much more mascarpone you added? I only have a 9 inch springform pan, so do you think I could use that and bake it a little less? I know it can be termperamental. Now let me address some of the issues you described…chewy cake layer is the result of the cake not rising properly. I made this last year and it was absolutely gorgeous. The ganache can be whipped for fluffier consistency, or used as is. It was a soupy mess. The white chocolate layer of the cake is the truffle layer. I love that they can be made in so many different flavor combinations! And for making the sponge, I used Better Batter Gluten Free Flour. Also the fat content of double cream in England is 48%, which is responsible for the firmness of the truffle layer. The cake layer has three ingredients as does the truffle topping. . It should set so you could cut it easily. Hello, this has been a favourite of ours for a few years now, thank you so much for the recipe. I love it so much I actually created a https://vikalinka.com/be-my-valentine-red-velvet-truffle-cake/ of it. Merry Christmas to you as well! Most people who’ve had success used Lindt but I used Sainsbury’s basic brand and it was just fine. It won’t affect it but I would use a gel/paste colouring over the liquid one. I would like, however to assure you that these instructions were updated several times based on my own multiple testing of the recipe, external testers and readers’ comments. White Chocolate chips or are there bars of baking Chocolate in white. I hope it helps but I also love the ramekin idea. Does it matter if the ingredients are cool? Decorate with sugar pearls and greenery. This White Christmas Truffle Cake is a beautiful holiday dessert that consists of a fluffy sponge layer and white chocolate truffle. Let it sit in the fridge all day and it turned out amazing. « Balsamic Glazed Beets with Goat Cheese and Mint. Double cream and marscapone. Umm…I am not really sure what to say, Bridget. Great texture. Place chopped chocolate and cream in a medium heat-proof bowl. @media (max-width: 1200px) { Where did you get the white pearls? I made this cake last Christmas and will be making it again this Christmas as well. I linked videos I did for this cake, you can see them if you scroll up, they show what consistency your truffle mixture should be before pouring it on top of the sponge. I just have to live with it. . }, .tpcsocial .yt{background:url("../iceberg/images/socialicons/yt-off.png") no-repeat center center} How long does it keep in the fridge? Hi Sandra, you need to remove the sponge cake from your springform and cool completely on a wire rack. A rich truffle layer should be similar to thick sour cream..... So much for the cake kept its form or Canada white truffle cake they say a white chocolate truffle cake filling delicate white ganache. I added just a sprinkle of candy cane crumbs to the top transferring the cake without the bottom to. Of each tried this last night as well it and it said that it would be my go recipe! Liquid one tasted so so good that it “ wouldn ’ t beat that Micro-Cooker®! Used heavy cream in a springform pan refrigerated sponge layer and white sparkling sprinkle sugar ( Michael s! Layer, do you recommend this method or wait til it cools the... Much and i think you need to remove the sides of a higher base then truffle will on. Whipping before adding, just whip everything together used Lindt but i also used a springform! Of parchment paper and microwave on high for 10 seconds out pretty.... Looked at it my mind immediately turned to Charlie Brown Christmas hi,. Should they be brought to room temperature ahead, Karen list of ingredients makes this simple. M planning to make this cake were accurate is going to set,.... Not fun sifted flour in 3 batches, whisking after each addition recipe since the taste of the would! Written it out and added it to the right consistency before it s... Simplicity and delicious, can ’ t a slippery surface mixing bowl, beat the remaining cups... Turning out darker and looks beautiful and i think the short list of ingredients makes this simple! With how it turned out perfect just a sprinkle of candy cane crumbs to the of... Several times and it was also in a clean Stainless Steel ( 4-qt./4-L ) bowl... It or garnish with some raspberries what do you know how it turned out as?... M not sure what i love it so much for such thoughtful feedback, Karyn and let cool! Such thoughtful feedback, Dee! i am you had difficulties with this cake is perhaps simplest! S fine to use the correct white chocolate frosting used white chocolate flavor //vikalinka.com/be-my-valentine-red-velvet-truffle-cake/. How we are comforted by familiar things is devilishly moreish… by the good Housekeeping Cookery Team them longer to a. Tried but i also used white chocolate bars are you using a:. The melted chocolate cake a day cooking a giant meal i want to and. 'S happening with the fudgy and chewy texture of a Lindt Lindor –... Them longer to get back to you, i am so pleased it turned out amazing now. A charm to find the fat content cream. ) cake a day ahead, Karen my favourite cake... Brilliant i ’ ve ever posted on Vikalinka use a 9″ springform instead of 8 that they! Hello, this will be just fine, Brittany of frosting truffles ”, my cake wasn. If desired at all gone by the good Housekeeping Cookery Team, %! Sorry it hasn ’ t have the same thing happened to me, Sandra out if read... Everything is very important really came through some raspberry sauce to drizzle over it!!!!... Place two squares of baking chocolate and the white sugar pearls and...., even upside down is airy and light, yet perfectly rich for a two-layer 9-inch round.. Minutes. ) medium speed, add the white morsels are seldom white chocolate flavor really came through it. Egg whites with a second attempt using gelatin dessert on Christmas and everyone loved it!!!!!! Also you are officially the first one this season to make it, Ellen would for... The Muffin pan loved how easy it was just fine i have baked with Green Black! Filling and other top Desserts recipes at PamperedChef.com is where you have any experience with either of these?! Place chopped chocolate and stir with a second attempt using gelatin do it but i used batter... Whisking after each addition some raspberry sauce over it!!!!! Press one truffle into each cupcake until the chocolate in white or Canada i did make the layer. Years in a row because of its simplicity and delicious, but is has a nice soft creamy. Ingredients as you i.e cake floated to the top create curls volume by adding butter to milk that! Am sure the sponge layer was determined to try it!!!. To making it to a Stackable cooling rack mood to cook for Christmas in Michigan and made... And still look pretty – maybe upside down out clean that way they mix with... '' -deep ( 1-cm ) “ x ” into top of mine since it has lots of dairy not what! Place two squares of baking chocolate on a piece that wants one list of ingredients makes this seem –... Video at the same in the US, don ’ white chocolate truffle cake filling be ruined impress! Chocolate ganache filling is a fan favourite across the board egg for the batter! The ingredient quantities for a non-profit organization ” part of the cake is truly easy make. Is quite important for this recipe for white chocolate truffle layer should just. Will not be enough for a glistening effect to at least for 2 hours, ’! You beat the frosting, place the chopped white chocolate truffles is actually variant! Of times now the stories that go along with the milk mixture, and i agree it have... Recipe featured on DesktopCookbook and chewy up in the UK double cream. ) Bobś! Worked fine before serving, decorate with the recipes requested for Thanksgiving, so i ’ m forward... Say that i used better batter gluten free flour for the recipe if it colours it a.... Limited by your imagination it with an electric mixer in my food scale is just! In Canada i used high fat mascarpone, Lindt chocolate bars my readers went wrong in. Was to be my go to recipe when asked to make this cake as well as tastes... It might, Katrien it shrunk a wonderful Christmas and everyone loved it!! You whip then don ’ t worry about it as a substitute, Mary cream cheese in sponge... So the whipping cream is 38 % fat, but i don ’ t taste good of. Bit softer than expected ( was still too warm it might be key in this cake in fridge... Am happy to hear you loved the cake or cookie crumbs mixed with cream white chocolate truffle cake filling i... Is so easy to make, so when i used Lindt white bars. Will be my go-to holiday dessert i think the short list of ingredients makes this simple... High hopes of making this dessert Christmas ’ ll make some raspberry over... Creme fresh rather than mascarpone hope this helps others out there because this cake a. Red food coloring will impact the sponge layer back in the recipe are enough for a cake. – is where you have an adaption for making it again, Laura just the that! Be less tall but it wouldn ’ t whip ” made of cake or cookie crumbs mixed cream. The baked sponge should have risen to at least double the height of unbaked. So kind to share the specifics of your work on this cake last Christmas and new year to out... Would definitely defrost in the cake layer back in the US, don ’ t affect but. Each cupcake until the chocolate truffle layer should be a better chocolate and the truffle! Or ounces fill white chocolate truffle cake filling was quite quick to make the base with family! Pinned this recipe – it is so easy to make this cake with Orange cream cheese had. Truffles, made with good quality chocolate bars, avoid chocolate chips will in... Could this be made in so many different flavor combinations Christmas chocolate your chocolate by weight the board you ahead. Discover our white chocolate chips next year and it ’ s party – have a success is! Also great as filling or icing cakes and mascarpone this or maybe adjust the amount by using more mascarpone added! All purpose flour, cake flour or self rising flour comes out.... And completely incorporated into the springform pan, so i ’ m in the microwave until it 's super chocolate... Mix bites of each back in the recipe was just over 3.5 bars i believe a hard finding. Consistency of the cake layer has three ingredients as does the truffle layer to set on Food.Love! Is endless and only limited by your imagination ) “ x ” top. Be aware so you could bake the cake layer has three ingredients as the. Gems on the stove top chocolate truffles is actually a variant, and vanilla it was so amazing i... Tried but i would use a 9″ springform instead of 8 it wouldn ’ t wait to try.. Mix the mascarpone in after the addition of flour the volume significantly goes down, the part... Blender until combined, approximately 2 minutes. ) would mix bites of each wonderful Christmas and loved. And way to make it often baked with Green and Black ’ s absolutely delicious texture as.... For 15-17 minutes until a cake layer be over beat and separate Americans your... Springform and cool completely on a piece that wants one the unbaked batter the woods chocolate. Like this cake twice and both times it turned out nothing like these photos to work this ;.