The Moro Rock Trail in Sequoia National Park allows you to climb to the top of a stunning granite dome for a 360-degree view of the park. dangerous for young children and older people. The 0.5 mile roundtrip trail up to the peak is comprised of over 350 steps. 0.5 miles roundtrip. The former is a small hike up a dome shaped granite monolith, and the latter is a giant freakin’ tree! Recreation The road to Moro Rock is closed in winter, so visitors need to hike 2 miles to reach the viewpoint. The side road to all of these attractions begins next to the museum. In summer when the free park shuttles are running (usually from late May to early September), the road closes to private vehicles on weekends and holidays from morning through late afternoon. Out and back. Expansion results from load relief: when the overburden that once capped the granite has eroded away, the source of compression is removed, and the granite slowly expands. Filmed, edited, and produced by Sheety33. This trail is basically a long stair climb to the top of Moro Rock, with spectacular views. Continue to the Ash Mountain entrance of Sequoia National Park. It’s the kind of spot that would normally be reserved for highly skilled rock climbers. More Big Trees Trail is a 1.3 mile heavily trafficked loop trail located near Stony Creek Village, California that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. This road generally opens by the Wednesday before Memorial Day in late May and closes when it becomes impassable due to snow. Distance: 2.5 miles, self-guided loop. Some decided to stay back others continued on to a viewing area at the top(that has railings). 6,425 ft . Climb 351 steps as you zig-zag up the side of Moro Rock. The view is beautiful. The trail is about half a mile and steep. You can also do a full moon hike at Enchanted Rock. It’s an easy hike if you are in decent shape. Climbing Moro Rock still required a vertical ascent of over 300 feet – equal to a thirty-story building – and many found the steps almost as exposed and alarming as the rock itself. Sunset was spectacular from the summit. Panaromic view at the top. 300 ft. You won’t regret it!!! All stairs and railing to the top of Moro Rock. Moro Rock. Length. Jumping from boulder to boulder, the wooden steps leapt across great gaps of open air, … Moro Rock is a must see and gives you a dramatic 360 degree view of the Sequoia National Park and the High Sierra peaks. Scenic hike during snowy winter months. It offers a panoramic view of Morro Bay. Moro Rock To reach the top of this granite dome, follow a stairway that climbs 300 feet (0.09 km) to the summit. Take CA-198 E to the Ash Mountain entrance of Sequoia National Park. Time: 2 … 559-565-3341 For 24-hour recorded information. Morro Bay and Morro Rock is for everyone, including families which enjoy the outdoors. Your email address will not be published. From the parking area, you will see the large granite rock right in front of you, and no doubt there will be many people on the trail. Los Angeles Area, Distance: 225 mi/362 km, Time: 4 hours In several places, it allows only one person to go through. Reference:, So beautiful, not for those with a fear of heights. Not to be confused with Morro Rock in the California costal town of Morro Bay, Moro Rock is the most climbed summit in Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park, undoubtedly because the car-to-car distance on the standard route is a mere 1/4 mile, with a climb of 300 feet. Just be aware of light snow on the road, it was slippery and some snow on the stair steps as well! Turn right at CA-58 W. Take the ramp onto CA-99 N. Take exit 96 onto CA-198 E towards Visalia. This was a short hike up scenic trail. Moro Rock Climbing Details Although it sits at a high elevation, you only have to climb the remaining 300 feet to the summit of Moro Rock. The trail is about 0.5 miles out and back, may take up to 1-hour hike with an elevation gain of about 300 feet. Stair. A wonderful spot to watch the sunset. Franklin Lakes Trail. If you are entering on foot or bike the fee is $20 per person. The largest one in the world, in fact. An uphill climb will get hikers to the Upper and Lower Franklin Lakes, settled in … Moro Rock Trail in Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park scales a granite dome via a steep 1/4-mile staircase to the summit offering a spectacular view of the Great Western Divide and the western half of the park. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from February until November. Although the hike is short, going up the stairs at this elevation can be difficult. Tough but doable if you take frequent breaks. Definitely going back. Hiking up beautiful Moro Rock, located in Sequoia National Park, in sunny California. The 1996 general plan for the park calls for the road to Moro to be closed, and replaced by a shuttle. It took me an hour or so to hike to the top. Take exit 96 onto CA-198 E towards Visalia. If you look east from the top of the hill, you’ll see several of the creeks that empty into the estuary. Distance: 310 mi/499 km, Time: 5 hours 25 min The stairs are brutal as the last part. On average, plan for about 45 minutes to go up and down Moro Rock. Eventually cars started parking next to us with their occupants choosing to start hiking from there all the way to Moro Rock, even though it was 0.3 miles and uphill the whole way. You can also purchase a park specific annual pass for $70. Length 0.4 miElevation gain 187 ftRoute type Out & back Speak with park staff on weekdays only 8:15 a.m.-4:15 p.m. To get to the trailhead: Just south of the Giant Forest Museum, turn off the Generals Highway and head east on Crescent Meadow Road. The hike up Black Hill is a local favorite. When the road is closed, it becomes a ski trail. Continuing straight, the trail crosses the road and climbs shortly above the road. Take CA-190 W to US-395 S and turn left. The road is open in summer so the hike is shortened. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from February until November. Road to parking area is closed in winter. Morro Bay, esp. This, of course, is not including whatever stops ya make along the way to hike/explore. How long does it take to hike Enchanted Rock? Master workout to the summit. Continue onto CA-14S. Moro Rock. After 1.5 miles, turn right and continue to the parking area beneath Moro Rock. Three Rivers, CA 93271-9700 300 foot elevation gain. So many Stairs! I did it in reverse to have lunch up on Moro rock, but don’t do that. HIKING TO MORO ROCK. The rock's vertical sides are nesting grounds of peregrine falcons, as well as rock climbers' heaven. Morro Rock is an idyllic backdrop for Morro Bay, it is the last of the (Nine Sisters) extinct volcanic peaks along Highway 1 from San Luis Obispo. A wonderful nature area for marine enthusiasts and all that enjoy nature, walks, bicycle riding, +++. A steep 1/4 mile staircase climbs over 300' to the summit of a granite dome, offering spectacular views of the western half of Sequoia National Park and the Great Western Divide. This chain of mountains runs north/south through the center of Sequoia National Park, "dividing" the watersheds of the Kaweah River to the west and the Kern River to the east. The photo was used for years to warn about the dangers of pending lightning strikes. 4-5 cool spots to see in this trail. Great trail all the way through! Elevation change: 300 feet. From the parking area, take one of several paths westward into Clusters Park, walking under a tenth of a mile to Morro Strand Trail, the coastal route to Morro Rock. Continue to the Ash Mountain entrance of Sequoia National Park. Can’t wait to come back again. A spectacular view of the Great Western Divide and the western half of the park. Stairs along with rail pretty much the entire way. Be sure to also check out the nearby Hanging Rock Trail (less than 1/4 mile RT) to get a view OF Moro Rock, not just FROM Moro Rock. Be safe, and if the forecast says it will rain, then stay away. Normally i prefer more natural trails, but with the strong winds, the railings were very reassuring! Outward expansion of the granite causes the exfoliation. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks San Diego Area, Distance: 344 mi/538 km, Time: 5 hours, 50 minutes The outbound half of this loop mostly passes through typical Sierra pine woodlands with some sweeping views, a few big trees, and a chance to climb Moro Rock. Awesome trail, easy to find. Full facilities at the Giant Forest Museum (opens in May), there is parking near Moro Rock in the summer. A Visit from a Rainbow at Cort Cottage « Almanac from the Edge, Hobie Heart :: Take A Wander, Take A Breath… Get Out of Your Chair. Calling it a scenic overlook doesn’t do it justice especially coming from the east coast! Follow this road to the end for Crescent Meadow, or take the turnoff onto the loop for Moro Rock and Hanging Rock. – While short, this 0.5-mile trail is no light stroll, as visitors will need to venture up more … Moro Rock is also home to the local Peregrine falcon population. Visitors can hike … Fees are $35 per vehicle or $30 per motorcycle. But, thanks to a short trail and 350 steps, almost anyone can scale Moro Rock. Plenty of spots for some amazing photos. Morro Rock is definitely worth the drive AND more importantly, worth @ least a two night's stay, if your drive was more than three hours., High Sierra Trail: Crescent Meadow to Whitney Portal, High Sierra Trail: Ninemile Creek to Bearpaw Meadow, Giant Forest Museum to Wuksachi Lodge via Rimrock Trail, Moro Rock, Eagle View, and Huckleberry Trail Loop, You can park at Giant Forest Museum or any other shuttle stop and ride the free park shuttle along the road. Panoramic view up top. Common in the Sierra Nevada, these domes form by exfoliation - casting off in scales, plates, or sheets of rock layers on otherwise unjointed granite. Continue to the Ash Mountain entrance of Sequoia National Park. Since 2011 visitors haven’t been allowed to drive to Crescent Meadow on summer weekends, so the only ways to get to Crescent Meadow is to take a shuttle or walk. You will marvel in the creativeness of the trail builders as you climb to 6,725 feet. 6,725 ft. Elevation Change. Trailhead Elevation. Fortunately, it turns out to be a great walk. This place is easy to get to and very much worth it...try to be there early the parking lot is kind of small ...the view is the best ... Quite a fun hike. Almost all of the park areas can be seen from the top of this 2,050 m (6,725 ft) tall granite monolith. Low effort and high reward. Moro Rock parking is further up the road in a small circle with several parking spots on an island in the middle of the circle. Via the Trail/Stairs . Beautiful and breathless view. This 576' tall landmark stands at the mouth of our harbor andis hometo nesting Peregrine Falcons. There is no ice on the stairs currently. So I'm gonna count it. Visalia, Distance: 36 mi, Time: 45 minutes Moro Rock is a granite dome with a staircase leading to the 6,725 foot summit, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Great Western Divide. Directions to Sequoia National Park, Ash Mountain Entrance From the South Worth the walk of 2 miles down the road to the hike up the mountain! No drinking water is available along this road, so be sure to take some with you. Michael McQuilken, right, was 18 when he and his brother, Sean, 12, climbed California's Moro Rock in 1975. The route is out and back and paved the entire way. In heavy snow years, the road may open later than usual. The trail starts relatively easy with some flat sections and a few sets of stairs. Moro Rock is a prominent granite protrusion on the edge of the Giant Forest visible to everyone driving up the Generals Highway into Sequoia National Park from the south. Trail Type. Moro Rock Trail is a 0.6 kilometer heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Three Rivers, California that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. Make sure to pull off the road and take the short trail. Don’t forget your hydration pack. Fractures that form during exfoliation tend to cut corners. To access Moro Rock, Hanging Rock, Crescent Meadow, and the Tunnel Log, turn off Generals Highway at the Giant Forest Museum. Steep, but lots of steps. Moro Rock is a granite dome rock formation located in the center of Sequoia National Park. Take exit 96 onto CA-198 E towards Visalia. Death Valley National Park (West Entrance) People afraid of heights might find it intimidating, but the view from the top makes up for any fear or breathlessness one may encounter on the way up. Hardly is a 0.4-mile round trip usually considered a hike. Rock walls and hand railings keep you from falling down the steep face. In Bakersfield, continue onto CA-99 N toward Fresno. The parking area for Moro Rock is 2 miles from the village. Moro Rock was first climbed by cattleman Hale Tharp and his family in the 1860s. Continue to the Ash Mountain entrance of Sequoia National Park. The staircase is narrow. But so worth it. It’s something spectacular to view and across the valley is a natural rock formation that’s named cathedral something or other(see pics)? Around 1.25 miles, the Bear Hill Trail joins the Moro Rock trail from the left hand side. Las Vegas, Distance: 400 mi/644 km, Time: 6 hours, 30 minutes Whaaaaat. 47050 Generals Highway Rising high above the Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks, Moro Rock Trail offers some of the best views in the area. The trail spends the first mile hiking through El Moro Canyon. Take exit 96 onto CA-198 E towards Visalia. This granite dome may not be as visible as Moro Rock from below, but views from its peak are also spectacular. You can see it right between Giant Forest and Crescent Meadow. We parked at the Giant Forest Museum and used the free shuttle to Moro Rock which is 1.7 miles from the museum. From the parking lot, the trailhead is in the northeast part of the lot. Take I-805 N or I-5 N to CA-99N toward Bakersfield/Fresno. Moro Rock Trail is a 0.4 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Three Rivers, California that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The parking area is two miles (3.2 km) from the Generals Highway. Really nice start to Sequoia national forest. However, the climb does involve a total elevation gain of 187 feet at over a mile above seal level, so calling it a hike is definitely appropriate. A quick hike through the 350 step stone and concrete stairway to the top of Moro Rock at Sequoia National Park, California, USA. Moro Rock Trail, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park: 41 answers to 18 questions about Moro Rock Trail: See 1,541 reviews, articles, and 1,171 photos of Moro Rock Trail, ranked No.2 on Tripadvisor among 70 attractions in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. Converse Basin - Boole Tree | Sequoia National Forest. There is a map there that you can take a photo of, but the trail is relatively straightforward as long as you take the correct direction at the two splits. You can go to the right and follow a short trail that goes out to a viewpoint where you can see Moro Rock, and it is good for sunsets as well. To call this a “hike” may be a bit generous if you look at the distance. Sequoia National Park charges a fee to enter. Take any highway to I-5 N. Continue onto CA-99 N toward Bakersfield/Fresno. At the northern end of Sequoia National Park near Dorst Campground, the Little Baldy Trail climbs 1.7 miles (2.7 km) along steep switchbacks, gaining 1,000 feet (300 m) in elevation. Take exit 179 onto CA-58 W towards Bakersfield. Trail. The Trail. Other people report hiking Enchanted Rock in 45 minutes. Spin around to the south side of Morro Rock to stretch things out to a 3.5-mile round trip hike. After reaching Crescent and Log Meadows, the loop return… Take I-15 S towards Los Angeles. At 1.4 miles, the trail forks. Moro Rock is a dome-shaped granite monolith. Top Elevation. But it was part of a long, ~12-mile loop hike from the General Sherman Tree to most of the highlights of the Giant Forest (e.g., Washington Tree, Huckleberry Meadow, Crescent Meadow). Difficulty I feel a little cheesy signing the Climber's Log for taking the trail to Moro Rock. Moro Rock Trail – Day Time. She then pointed out Moro Rock & The General Sherman Tree as two sites to hit with our limited time. This ultimately results in rounded, dome-like forms. Check the Texas Parks and Wildlife events page here. | Hobie Surf Shop l BLOG, Climbing Moro Rock, Sequoia National Park | The Wherever Writer, Red Rock Canyon to Zion, and back again | AlpineMonkeys, West Coast road trip: the USA's true beauty - Live Recklessly, A guide to visiting Sequoia National Park - Road Trippin' The States, Sequoia National Park, CA – Town Traveller, This trail is stunning. Overall the hike was perfect and so much fun! … Short easy hike with amazing views. The hike up Moro Rock is a classic, composed of over 350 steps in a picturesque quarter mile climb. Choose from a 3-mile round-trip hike*, or a shorter version^ of only.6 miles. Very icy at the end of trail on Moro Rock. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from May until November. 0.6 mile roundtrip.