Fares are based on their assigned zone. Thanks to Bus 102, getting to downtown is cheap and only takes about an hour.The full schedule for Bus 102 between IAH Airport and downtown Houston can be found at by visiting the Houston Ride Metro … You can either pay as you go (it’s $3 for every 30 minutes), or sign up for monthly or annual memberships that give you unlimited hour-long rides for $13 or $79 respectively. 1 of 3 Sharon Wilson waits on the 54 bus at a stop at Scott and Bellfort on Feb. 26, 2020, in Houston. The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas, or METRO, provides public transportation in the form of buses, trolleys, and lift vans. However, if you want to take the bus from Houston, just click on the arrows to change the direction. ROUTE MAP PDFs. discount The Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority (METRO) offers local bus service. The green network: in any direction for up to three hours. Houston County Schools. As regional growth made transportation challenges in the city more acute, it desperately needed a transit system that could relieve some of the burden from the streets. About 20% of our employees have been here more than 20 years. There’s something of a learning curve when navigating the METRO system, but it can be a nice alternative to battling Inner Loop traffic by car. main intersections and transfer points along the route, Large, bright destination signs on the front and sides of the You can also use Google to plan your bus trip on VIA. Houston’s metro has more than seven million people living in an area larger than the state of New Jersey. METRO's Park & Ride lots provide Local Bus. Her work has appeared in Travel + Leisure, USA Today 10Best, Michelin Guide, Hemispheres, DuJour, and Jetsetter. only, during rush-hour. hearing impairments, Transit Centers connecting bus routes in neighborhoods across All of our buses are accessible to people with disabilities. assist with boarding. on all bus and light-rail service for students, seniors, Medicare Every bus line, every route, everything is different. Most people who use mass transit in Houston use the bus system. Unless you’re planning to stick around downtown, the Museum District, or med center, the best bet for most will be to drive. Triennial Review and National Transit Database (NTD) Reports. the region for safe and easy transfers. See current openings . Bus System METRO offers several types of bus service in Houston. Get fare info, view schedules and maps, learn how to ride, plan a trip, and more. map of the entire system from this PDF. Individual, printed maps are available at locations in our service area including the Metro bus Mobility Training Center and Transit Center, as well as on all Fixed Route buses. Explore our system with our Houston's Plan to Get an Amazing New Bus System for No New Money By eliminating route redundancies and emphasizing ridership, the city thinks it can get a better trip at the same price. That’s why the buses that pull into the barn the night of Saturday, August 15th, will find themselves traveling entirely different routes and following entirely new timetables the next morning, August 16th. To plan your next trip follow steps1 through 3 below. Click the buttons below to view maps and schedules for each route. Select an icon to display schedules for routes serving that stop. It is affordable and travels frequently. We have already set a default travel date. METROLift Freedom Last month, Josh Stephens reported for Next City on Houston’s plans to overhaul “its entire bus network — more than 80 routes, 1,200 buses and a quarter-million daily passengers — literally overnight.” Well, the change — intended to drastically increase the utility of the city’s bus fleet for most people without raising operating costs — happened last weekend. Their Bus routes cover an area from the Grand Parkway Pr stop to the Baytown Pr stop and from the Conroe Pr stop to the Sh6 Missouri Cty Pr stop. Downtown Houston's access to transportation in Houston is second to none. mostly along city streets, making stops at every other corner along METRO offers a 50 percent ADA, Two priority-seating areas for the elderly and people with disabilities, Equipped with an easy-to-reach call bell and special securement Online Bus Ticket Booking Taxis and ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft operate all over Houston, including the suburbs and are common methods to get to and from the city’s two major airports. METRO's local bus service runs These blue routes operate similarly to the red routes with buses scheduled Getting around can be a bit of a hassle, but you can avoid a headache by following these tips: When in doubt, rent a car. Here’s the breakdown: Houston’s bike-share system, BCycle, has over 75 stations throughout central Houston, most of which are concentrated downtown, the med center and the Museum District. It is convenient for traveling from downtown to Hermann Park, the zoo, and Reliant Stadium. print a Robyn Correll is a freelance writer specializing in Houston, and whose work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Points Guy, and Time Out. To call Houston’s 1970s-era bus system obsolete, in what has become a bustling 21st-century metropolis, is an understatement. This is designed to offer broad coverage The Galleria, Houston The Galleria, stylized theGalleria and also known as the Houston Galleria, is an upscale mixed-use urban development and shopping mall located in the Uptown District of Houston, Texas, United States. Other tools are available to help you schedule your trip on our rider tools page. Children ages five and under ride free. More than five million people take the city’s local METRO buses every month, with another two million using the METRORail train and commuter network’s park and rides. Here’s what you should know. Our Travel Guides are ready to be your personal guide to help you learn about routes, services, schedules and fares. 14 hours a day, seven days a week. interactive service Not everyone wants to spend $40 on Uber from IAH Airport to downtown Houston. disabilities. Paying the $1.25 fare with your METRO Q® Fare Card, METRO Day Pass, or METRO Money, earns you free transfers in any direction for up to three hours. The fare is $1.25 (cash only; the driver does not make change). belts designed to secure the mobility devices of patrons who use Service animals are allowed to accompany riders with Park & Ride service is for long-distance commuting. The Houston County School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, genetics, disability, or sex in its employment practices, student programs and dealings with the public. VIA bus schedules are displayed right on Google maps. print a Transit officials are trying to create a better and more efficient system The Texas Medical Center (TMC) Circulator may be paid with the METRO cardholders and the disabled. According to Binkovitz, bus ridership alone showed slower growth over that period, with a gain of just 1.2 percent, while the light-rail system’s Red Line jumped 16.6 percent. Transfers to cash-paying customers are not offered, thus the best value would be to get a day pass for $3. or less on 22 major routes, at least 15 hours a day – seven days a week. ... METRO is proud to be one of Houston's most stable work environments. Many METRO buses offer, upon request, a kneeling feature to While parking can be a pain in certain areas (like downtown and Montrose), most of the city is built for drivers. Get exact location, phone numbers, hours of operation, and bus schedules from Greyhound. Public transit isn’t the most popular mode of transportation in Houston, but it does exist. Customers can carry a pet on the bus and the rail as long as it is Standees on lifts are permitted under the One-way fare is $1.25. Houston joins Seattle as one of only two U.S. cities to see increased bus ridership in recent years, specifically since August 2015. The system is good for traveling from downtown to areas within 5 or 10 miles of the city center. From bus and rail operators, to mechanics, engineers and administrative positions, you'll find a rewarding career at METRO. Safe, Convenient, Affordable, Daily Express Bus Service in the US and Canada. Houston bucks national trend of transit bus system decline. every 16 to 30 minutes, 18 or more hours a day – seven days a week. Customer Care Center 713-635-4000 To plan your next trip, follow steps 1 through 3 below. Renting a car can be especially useful for visitors interested in going outside the city to attractions like NASA or the beaches around Galveston, where public transit options are limited. Transit time to downtown runs 50 to 90 minutes. Click on only the We have the help you need – The Metro Bus Travel Training Program. One-way fare falls map. A single ride on either METRORail or METROBus costs $1.25. here. Getting Around Taipei: Guide to Public Transportation, Getting Around Nuremberg: Guide to Public Transportation, Getting Around Copenhagen: Guide to Public Transportation, Getting Around Salt Lake City: Guide to Public Transportation, Getting Around Detroit: Guide to Public Transportation. IAH to downtown Houston: METRO Bus 102 serves the airport and surrounding vicinity with multiple stops and continues to the METRO station downtown. Website Disclaimer. caged properly. While a lot of Houstonians use mass transit, it’s not always a great solution for visitors. Jillian Dara is a freelance travel writer and fact checker. These dedicated and trained professional guides will ride along with new bus users and teach them how to use the system. Trip Planning Plan your trip on our METRO Trip Planner or download the METRO TRIP app for your mobile phone. Before boarding Zoom down to an area in San Antonio to see small blue bus icons representing VIA bus stops. in areas where there's light ridership. If you want to check a specific date, simply select the corresponding day … Paying the $1.25 fare with your METRO Houston’s light rail isn’t long — 22 miles of track barely scratch the surface in a city whose metro area spans nearly 9,500 square miles — but it still manages to carry over 600,000 passengers a day. Routes are color-coded based on service frequency during the midday and weekends. This is where you can check out bus routes, rail lines, HOV It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Local service runs mostly on city streets, stopping at every other Buses are eligible for the For commuters living out in the ‘burbs, METRO Park & Rides offer direct, nonstop service to and from major employment areas, including downtown and the med center. It’s the city’s second most popular public transit option, and it can often be the fastest way to get where you’re going downtown. By Ethan Goffman - March 21, 2018. route you want and zoom in for exact bus stops. Generally, most people book 3-7 days in advance. Those serving the designated route. Q® Fare Card or cash. The METRO has 95 Bus routes in Houston with 8951 Bus stops. Rerouting Houston Buses Tell Us: What You Think About The Houston Bus System? The blue network: duty also ride free. Bus and rail riders may bring car seats aboard, but By continuing to use this site, you agree to the use of cookies by Greyhound and third-party partners to recognize users in order to enhance and customize content, offers and advertisements, and send email. You see firsthand what the Houston Metro bus experience is … / HOT lanes, transit centers and bus or rail stops. Metro opened for business in January 1979, taking over the bus service owned by the City of Houston known as HouTran.HouTran was plagued by outdated equipment, infrequent service and a route … service is for long-distance commuting. These red routes are frequent routes with buses scheduled every 15 minute Houston's new system increases high-frequency bus routes (shown in red), which brings more than 1 million Houstonians into within a half-mile of a … If you land at Terminal C, follow signs towards Baggage Claim/Exit and Ground Transportation. METROBus lines in Greater Houston comprise 78 regular bus routes, and 75 of those run every day. map of the entire system from this PDF. Q® Card. There are dozens of routes that criss-cross the city and while it might take a little longer than driving, it goes pretty much everywhere you need it to go. So the caregiver would have to hold the baby or child. METRO’s Park & Ride lots provide bus service to key destinations in the service area. METRO is a public transportation provider in Houston which operates Bus routes. The other two lines cross the Red Line downtown to … into four fare zones based on the distance a bus travels. bus service to key destinations in the service area. Find bus schedules The bus system was able to catch new potential riders, people who before the redesign had not attempted to use the bus system. Houston's heralded bus system redesign - garnering kudos from local riders and transit supporters around the country - is running into the reality that … Find information about Houston Bus Station in Houston. In those cases, direct commuter buses, bike- and ride-shares and rental cars might be a better bet. METRO's mission is to provide safe, clean, reliable, accessible and friendly public transportation services to our region. The development consists of a retail complex, as well as the Galleria Office Towers complex, two Westin hotels, and a private health club. When you can’t hop on a bus or board a train, hailing a ride works in a pinch. All METROLift customers feature the following: You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. corner along its route. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. Despite Houston’s population growth, successful light rail line, and highly effective commuter bus network, the local bus system was losing ridership. Park & Ride Local service runs mostly on city streets, stopping at every other corner along its route. The Houston Airport System manages George Bush Intercontinental/Houston Airport (IAH), William P. Hobby Airport (HOU), Ellington Field (EFD) & the Houston Spaceport. METRO provides public transportation services to Greater Houston. Improved access and mobility, however, continues to be a major focus of the Downtown District, Central Houston, the City of Houston, METRO and TxDot-- including the planning, design and development of an effective, attractive and expanded mass public transit system. If you have a tight schedule while in Houston and you don’t mind heavy traffic, having your own car is probably the right call. In 1978, Houston-area voters created Metro and approved a one-cent sales tax to support its operations. These green routes offer buses every 31 to 60 minutes, at least There are a lot of ways to pay for METRO buses and trains — most of which can be purchased online or at a local grocery store. Free local bus and rail rides are offered to Please enable scripts and reload this page. Local service runs mostly on city streets, stopping at every other corner along its route. Houston BCycle is a "bike sharing" program that shows Houstonians how easy, efficient, functional and practical bike sharing can be!See how it works. Over the weekend, the Houston public transit system completely changed. This track connects some of Houston’s busiest neighborhoods, including downtown, Midtown, the Museum District and the Texas Medical Center. Simply find your destination and get directions “by transit”. must be collapsed, folded and placed out of the walk way of the bus. Have ridden on the Houston Metro system several times since 2013. veterans and to those serving jury duty. Houston is massive and local bus and train routes can only go to so many places. A Guide to Transportation in Washington, D.C. Getting Around Dallas: Guide to Public Transportation, Getting Around Shanghai: Guide to Public Transportation, Getting Around Phoenix: Guide to Public Transportation, Getting Around Atlanta: Guide to Public Transportation, Getting Around Baltimore: Guide to Public Transportation, Getting Around Nashville: Guide to Public Transportation, Getting Around Seattle: Guide to Public Transportation, Getting Around Houston: Guide to Public Transportation, Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By a wheelchair or scooter in two 30"x48" wheelchair securement areas, Bus pads, sidewalk links, and curb cuts at most of our bus stops, Automatic audio and visual announcements on buses at major stops, On my recent trip in December 2018 I never waited more than 10 minutes for the train. This is Part 1 of a two-part series on how Houston reimagined its bus network to better serve the actual demands of travelers throughout the city. jury You can By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. the bus the child must be removed from the stroller and the stroller Learn About Our Culture. The red network: Metro has been working to redesign Houston's bus network to offer more frequent service. bus, Lighted “Stop Request” signs inside the bus for riders with there are no seat belts to strap the car seat to the bus or rail seat. Orange indicates weekday peak periods At its core, a public bike sharing system is intended to be used for short trips in and around downtown Houston and surrounding urban areas. The Texas State Legislature authorized the creation of local transit authorities in 1973. Q® Fare Card, METRO Day Pass, or METRO Money, earns you free transfers qualified Routes: The METRORail has three lines, but the longest and most utilized is the Red Line.