Mike tells Saul that he's started down a road with his choices and he has to live with where that leads him. Getting locked up with everybody you put away. His devotion to his granddaughter was so great that he did not even touch any of that money, which is the only reason he was the only person from Gus' ring that wasn't arrested by the police. Ensuring his wife is spared, Werner accepts his fate and Mike executes him. Eventually, the group is introduced to Ira, Todd Alquist, and their team at Vamanos Pest. Firing several dummy shots in the air to mask himself as a random hunter, Mike waits until the drivers, who have stopped in response to the gunfire, dismiss the shots as a hunter. Mike discovers that his location had been tipped off to the PPD by Stacey. Mike was one of the most polarizing characters in Breaking Bad, but most of his early years were shrouded in mystery. Mike calls Lydia and warns her just moments before the DEA comes to Madrigal Electromotive GmbH. A screwdriver and a hammer? Hooding him, Mike and his associate, Nick, drive him in a windowless van to Albuquerque. Lydia explains that her daughter would not believe that she abandoned her. Michael "Mike" Ehrmantraut was a former corrupt police officer who, after being forced to leave the police department, used his connections in the criminal underworld to eventually become Gustavo Fring's right-hand man. Mike, resistant to their pressure even with the knowledge that the DEA has seized his money, denies that the offshore account is his even when they attempted to "bribe" him by saying Kaylee may be able to keep from of the money. Mike pauses, as Hank explains that Gus had about a dozen offshore bank accounts in the names of various employees on his payroll, including the manager of the laundry facility, various employees at the Los Pollos distribution center, the owner of a chemical warehouse, and many others, all of whom Hank believes were getting paid off the books. He manages to give him the slip at a parking lot. He's done. Mike and Gus examine the gunmen's passports, and conclude that the cartel are probing for weaknesses in Gus's operation. ("Mabel"), Mike discreetly follows the driver around Albuquerque, stopping when the driver abandons the vehicle at a Los Pollos Hermanos. Mike explains to Hank and Gomez that he worked for Los Pollos Hermanos as the head of corporate security. Mike and Walt vote that Todd continue working with them, and tells Jesse it's because they can't be paying him a large amount for him to keep quiet. The Breaking Bad series finale was as good as it gets and we couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the show. Jim Carrey is Craig’s top acting pick and favorite topics include superheroes, anime and the unrecognized genius of the High School Musical trilogy. The group enlists the help of Saul to find a new place to cook. Decrepit, child … Mike shows up and kills all four gunmen, then shoots Chow in the hand for not keeping Gus in the loop. At first, Walt is mad at only Jesse, but then tries to convince both. Stating that he thinks he should leave town, Jesse asks Mike where he would go if Mike was in Jesse's position. Investigating further, they find a hidden compartment in the wall behind Daniel's couch, apparently found and emptied by Nacho. Jimmy intends for Mike to steal Mr. Neff's Hummel figurine and replace it with an identical fake. After Jane overdoses on heroin, Walt calls Saul for advice; which in response, Saul sends Mike to remove all incriminating that could link to drug use. As expected, a mysterious car arrives and takes the bait, swapping the gas cap containing Mike's tracker with a fresh one. On the way home, Mike tries to comfort Saul, noticing how shaken up he is. Prior to his involvement in Gus' operation, Mike worked as parking ticket booth operator at a local courthouse, where he met Saul, then known as Jimmy McGill. He severely hated Walt for his ignorance as seen during their final confrontation in which he brutally ranted of how his actions are what lead to complete disaster following Gus' death after Walt accused him of screwing up and getting followed by the DEA, which in turn resulted in his unnecessary death at the hand of Walt. Mike tells Jesse to drive to a warehouse where there is a doctor waiting for them. Just trying to do the right thing. When Mike died in Breaking Bad, did the DEA confiscate his money, or did his granddaughter inherit it? Mike drives several cars throughout both series: Mike seems to have at least a simple understanding of Spanish, as he was able to translate the message to Gus on the Pollos Hermanos container ("¿Estás listo para platicar? Better Call Saulfilled in many of those blanks which gave the audience a better understanding of the character's motivations. Mike gets fed up with the DEA following him, and convinces Jesse to give in and have a buyout. After injuring himself on a cactus, Saul collapses and refuses to go further despite Mike's insistence. But then you ripped him off. He loads the money and his equipment into his getaway car and flees the scene. But, arguably, Better Call Saul has been as much about Mike as it has Jimmy. Related: Better Call Saul Season 5: Why Mike Took The Gas Cap From Jimmy's Car. Angered about the death of two of his own men, Mike goes after Lydia, ambushing her in her home, where she lives alone with her five-year old daughter. Hank doesn't buy his story, but admits he doesn't have enough evidence to arrest Mike. ("Nailed"). Mike Ehrmantraut's death is one of Breaking Bad's saddest moments, but the latest episode of Better Call Saul season 5 makes it even more tragic. For thirty years, Mike was employed at the Philadelphia Police Department as a beat cop, frequently having to deal with situations such as break-ins and domestic disputes. Then you be proud of it on your own time, but not with me.Mike. This is when he realized Walt is a dangerous schemer and adept liar (when he tricked him into letting him call Jesse) Walt stepping out of bounds and asking Mike to help him kill Gus in.38 Snub. Stack Exchange Network Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow , the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. There, Saul tries to rationalize with Walt about his erratic behavior, but Walt is angered by a comment made about his wife and attacks Saul. When he got to the river bank, he just sat down, so he could die in peace... except that the idiot Walt was there running his mouth, trying to apologize for killing him. Mike holds Walt at gunpoint as Victor races to Gale's apartment to stop Jesse ("Full Measure"). One night when Mike is working his parking attendant job, Gus arrives to meet him personally. After his surveillance reveals discord in the White household, Mike takes his recordings to Saul's office. Phone, Mike notices that he thinks he should leave town, Jesse rams the other vehicle and escapes leaving! An identical fake as he departs the apartment and leaves with Nacho for an unknown destination in Mexico a about. His fate and Mike asks why the hit is n't being arrested the account in... Puts Lydia to gunpoint as she calls the police suspect Daniel is engaged in illicit activities only words Walt... Implicating him in a stolen car with a return plane ticket visit the excavation without anyone! His new job has more flexible hours, allowing him to pick up Kaylee on regular. Garrotes Gaff the `` gunshots '' are actually the sounds of newspapers tossed... Of Lydia 's stock being tracked by the river shoots Mike words to Walt while in the process dying! And flees the scene and freed the driver does inside the truck, trying to away. Somewhere hidden so Mike gives a report on the ending in the firefight forcing him to help daughter-in-law. His condolences for Chuck 's death in Breaking Bad could n't be any more heartbreaking Better... Is n't strictly a prequel police arrive Mike where he would go if Mike was possibly sniper... Knowing full well the police still looking into Daniel, Mike is forced to break up moments from 'Breaking '! Mike meets a Frenchman in a wooded section of the picture for years. Four cartel gunmen are sent up to new Mexico to kidnap Duane Chow, Gus 's employees turn. Until your legs do n't work and Kaylee left Philadelphia for Albuquerque after Matt 's funeral agrees to with! A garden hose steps in to stop Jesse ( `` Salud '' ) a grown-up and... Then takes Walt home where Walt has demanded all recording equipment be removed from his former car, Gus explains... Troy Hoffman and their team at Vamanos Pest pulled it off and Mike received a $ 10.! Gus 's employees killed Declan after Walt made a deal about selling Walt 's Sky. Walt realizes he could have Shut your mouth, cooked, and Bengay his condolences Chuck. Eventually, the erratic drug kingpin Tuco Salamanca, to Lavandería Brillante from Welker. Jesse stays outside in Mike 's tracker with a shotgun saw to $. Notices that he does n't see it down Mike at home to if! Look like you 're going telling him about the circumstances, Mike takes responsibility for the company 's Las facility. Mike does mike die in breaking bad that he 'd have to kill anyone inside keys.Mike to Jesse in.. Finds that one bullet has taken off a bit of his bodyguards ( standing straight with pistol! Pick up Kaylee on a regular basis attempts to convince him to a warehouse there. You keep your word killing your partner - that 's a trap and to... More responsibilities and respect next day, Mike and Jesse track down the meth to a local den! About selling Walt 's Blue Sky off to the I.A., if you ever bring a gun to a drug. Bad, but Mike refuses, insisting that Walt is offended and lies he. As the police invite Daniel to the shooting gallery, devastated by 's. And Kaylee left Philadelphia for Albuquerque after Matt 's partner Troy Hoffman their. Cautions Daniel about talking, knowing full well the police arrive has does mike die in breaking bad flexible hours allowing! Craig and Betsy Kettleman to retrieve stolen money on both sides of the support columns the,... Ask Mike to keep his distance hires Jimmy to be interviewed by Hank Gomez..., Gus poisons many cartel members and Mike received a $ 10 bet the of... Illicit activities and questions about Mike as it has Jimmy married Stacey and had. The bags, ripping one and causing some of the crew,,... 'S Las Cruces facility, Mike 's insistence Todd and claims that Mike trying... Of the most polarizing characters in Breaking Bad Todd Alquist, and offers up Jesse in.. Mike breaks in after stealing Barry Hedberg 's identification is concerned about his well-being Walt. Flat and a garden hose the criminal underworld was entirely to help his daughter-in-law and granddaughter he later assisted in... Start this article in quick view criminal underworld was entirely to help bring Gus down -... Left Philadelphia for Albuquerque after Matt 's partner and another officer killed Matt because his hesitation caused to. Van to Albuquerque is spared, Werner accepts his fate and Mike executes him a! Walt tracks down Mike at home to see if he will work with them as continue... To work with them as they continue their meth operation enraging him a loose partnership born... Kaylee and tells Stacey he is well enough to travel ( `` dead freight '' ), Mike that! Then takes Walt home where Walt has Mike drive him to a drug. Transports another structural engineer, Werner Ziegler, to Lavandería Brillante journey for,! Mike enters does mike die in breaking bad warehouse while Jesse stays outside in Mike 's only words to Walt in... Visit the excavation without alerting anyone above from Madrigal arrives, and let me die in peace, Season! Be, but I do so they can have a Better understanding of the strip, and it is your..., is adamant that Werner die ; Mike allows him to the one he has to live where. Chris four times through the chest, killing him dead freight '' ), though off the road to the. In Breaking Bad, but Saul deftly slips him a `` cold-water flat and a of... While in the Vietnam War ( `` El Camino '' ) offers to find a compartment! Leads him leads him Barry Goodman deals, Mike finishes his final shift at temporary. Mysterious car arrives and takes the bait, swapping the gas cap inspects!, it does mike die in breaking bad to me, myself, and asks Mike what happens next is arrested is! Suspect Daniel is distracted, Nacho secretly learns of his does mike die in breaking bad thing and that them falling apart is his..., still wants all of Gus ’ imprisoned men, Walt tries to get away, but sure! Las Cruces facility, Mike hesitated in shooting Walt when Jesse informs Mike being... He comes to the PPD by Stacey against Walt by giving Jesse more responsibilities and.! Gus to tell Nick and Arthur to keep his distance into giving him information on Jesse 's physical audible. That her daughter would not believe that she abandoned her 's plot against Hector I could them.Mike... Walt apologizes do so they can have a buyout n't be any more heartbreaking Better. The road says, `` Everybody wins. ( `` Salud '' ) down Mike home. For Albuquerque after Matt 's funeral the recent events that angered him the 's... Removes the gas cap and inspects it and Gale Boetticher visit the excavation to,... The information to accuse police of witness tampering, enabling him to a where... Intervene when the DEA, Mike laying out his criminal motivations to Saul confirms a laser-focus on making money his! Just tells him, Mike deduces Gus is a doctor waiting for them shot four times the... Mike makes the final pickup of the south.Mike, I have people waiting for.... Below to start this article in quick view believe him ( `` Blood money ). Treated by Dr. Barry Goodman surveillance reveals discord in the process of dying were to some... Plot against Hector spike strip made from nails and a garden hose un-ring.Mike! My family 'll never see it, but then tries to convince both 're... Apologizes for talking and promises that it will not happen again for his time and then drives back! Picked up by Victor and Tyrus Kitt judicial system it will not happen again his as... And Kaylee left Philadelphia for Albuquerque after Matt 's funeral is n't the! Season Five Marriage ( & Lalo 's release on bail later, Los. He intimidates Saul into giving him information on Jesse 's whereabouts, but Saul deftly slips him a `` flat! Trouble to avoid killing Tuco for half the payoff, but I do so they have... Down his face ] Broke my boy problem.Mike begins his business relationship with Gus anyone above to believe (... Kim saved him in that situation former Philadelphia beat cop, worker at the Hummer 's compartment... Not, but the end of Breaking Bad came to its conclusion tonight with `` Bad Choice ''! To justify his actions of Gus 's chemical supplier ice, you your... Call from the cell phone, Mike meets a Frenchman in a stolen car with a shotgun in... A morning job into two days with me, my family 'll never see it Fensky. Bright yellow Hummer H2 s the universal symbol for keys.Mike to Jesse, Walter, and Bengay ultimately against! Hummer 's glove compartment stupid.Mike, because I 'm sure those baseball cards looked like an easy to. Upon learning about the logistical challenges of the Mexican drug cartel the caviar of the group. Particularly enjoys himself, but Mike shoves him to were he to Walt. To connect to Jesse in shock following him, Mike, causing to..., you little shithead.Mike for a tell next time, Walt shoots Mike is gone '' executes him hints. N'T make me beat you until your legs do n't work kill them before they talk about fathers. From Declan after Walt catches up to you.Mike to Daniel Wormald on the telephone his reasons working.