For instance, if the flower bulb is 5 cm high it should be planted at a depth of 15 cm. Easy to grow. Spring Planted bulbs, perennials and tropicals will be available to be ordered again in January 2021. Allium Caeruleum forms dense globes of small flowers. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. You can also use a trowel to dig individual holes. The compact round flowers stand gracefully above the narrow leaf. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Add 1-3 inches of mulch for winter protection after the ground freezes. Allium are amongst the nicest Flower Bulbs for your Garden, they range from giants up to 150 cm with football sized flower heads, to 10 -20 cm dwarfs for a rock garden. Plant all bulbs of a kind, when grouped together, at the same depth so they will bloom at the same time and attain the same height. We are very sorry, but due to state agricultural restrictions, we are not permitted to ship Allium bulbs to Idaho, or to the following five counties in the State of Washington: Adams, Benton, Franklin, Grant and Klickitat. Cannot be applied to previous orders. Allium Gladiator bulbs size 18/20 Purple. After planting water thoroughly to settle the soil and to encourage the start of root growth. See all Burpee plant shipping restrictions for your state. Thoroughly water and apply a light mulch layer on top of the soil (1-2 inches) to conserve water and reduce weeds. This can be gift wrapped in our exclusive hessian sack, with ribbon and a Sarah Raven gift card. Honestly, you can never have too much true sky blue in the garden, and this allium is an easy way to add this rare flower color in late spring. Allium bulb size:4/-. Allium bulbs wild super mix Spring Flowering Bulbs beautiful splash of Colour. Space the bulbs about twice the bulb diameter apart. Place the bulbs with the pointed side facing upwards. The distance between small bulbs is 5 - 8 cm and 10 - 15 cm between larger ones. Full sun means 6 hours of direct sun per day; partial sun means 2-4 hours of direct sun per day; shade means little or no direct sun. Plant on a cloudy day or in late afternoon to reduce transplant shock. The Giant Alliums such as Gladiator and His Excellency tower above the spring border, creating an effect of depth and perspective. You can check this by sticking your finger in the soil. Blue Allium caeruleum is a deep, clear blue ornamental onion that creates perfect globes of star-shaped flowers on stems only 16" tall. Remove and discard foliage after a hard frost in fall. Allium Caeruleum | Allium | Spring Flowering Bulbs | QFB ... ... . … Hardiness zone ranges are provided for all perennial plants and you should always choose plants that fall within your range. The typical height of this product at maturity. Chipper 1” flower clusters looking a bit like pom-poms, appearing above discretely low growing foliage. £7.99 to £21.99. #F60119. It is a good idea to add fertilizer, such as bonemeal, when you prepare the soil. We can't find any items matching these search criteria. Plant bulbs 6 inches deep in the fall for spring blooms. The time of the year when this product normally blooms. Insects like butterflies and bees love the plant's nectar. Print. Since allium can vary from small pearl-sized bulbs to large tennis ball-sized bulbs the planting depth will vary. Always keep mulches off a plant’s stems to prevent possible rot. Hardiness: fully hardy. £3.69. Begonia; Dahlia; Gladioli; Lily; Summer Miscellaneous; Vegetables; Bulb Doctor; Growing Tips