all neopronouns are cool actually put yours in the tags. ', Baron's new book chronicles the history of the gender-neutral, third-person word, "they.". Grand! Copy this list into another document, and write numbers next to the criteria to rank them by their priority to you. We will help you come up with a name for yourself if requested! a gender that’s content and in it’s own space, peacefully isolating itself and sort of on it’s own. ive created some pronouns for myself and i thought, what better place to share them than here? All of the following can be used with the suffix ‘romantic’ e.g. They are not harmful to the trans community. So, in other words, you just have to pay attention to the order of the pronoun forms listed (xe/xem/xyr, ey/em/eir), and then you can figure out how to use them based on how you use she/her and he/him/his! feline-themed: ail/ailo/ailous/ailouself name’s Mellow, though I also go by Archive or Fortune!! Any word can be turned into a pronoun set, so there are theoretically infinite sets of nounself pronouns. Think about what traits matter to you, even if they are not on this list. I.E. Pikachu uses neopronouns and James approves!!!! :]c it’s the way you used it, with the ‘s’ at the end!! Since this blog is on a “break” and I came across this blessed post, here’s some lesbian positivity from a nonbinary person trying to figure out imps sexuality!! note: some pronoun guides are temporarily out of service while I do blog maintenance! any set of neopronouns! Nico • ne/nem/nir, ey/em/eir • white/euro-american & disabled linguist • neopronoun flag by ferns-garden. Lesbians who prefer he/him pronouns are wonderful. Sapphic is the only gendered term I'm comfortable with. Ducking behind the wall again, nya cracked nyaself up thinking about the concentrated looked on nyas friend’s face. neopronoun list ☆Can I use any neopronoun? only intersex people can reclaim and use "herm". Gender Ramblings A positivity and information blog aiming to provide a safe place for all non cis/perisex people! For e.g. yourfave-uses-neopronouns. Tell the world that you’re a witch! App/site for auto-replacing pronouns in writing, Another pronoun game, based on Welcome to Nightvale. To request something with your pronouns, or to submit a pronoun, remember to use the full pronoun conjugation! currently open for: adding pronouns to the list (if you want me to add a set, please send me the full usage of the set through the askbox) ze? !- Absolutely don’t stop trying to share and educate your fellow cis people! do not call these people either of these without their explicit permission. a subversigender person feels they will never conform to a ‘normal’ or ‘expected’ gender, and they prefer to present as shocking as possible. pronouns mod post reblog ones i didn't have on the other list i think i need to start a masterlist of pronouns as a page on this blog. nixefluix: fluid/flux between agender man, nonbinary man, and rarely binary man. Neopronouns are not a “tumblr fad”. Here's a list of neopronouns with their full conjugations and alternates! Always keep in mind the power you can have as a cis person, and the way other cis people may take you more seriously and as an authority on the issues and experiences trans people face every day. I came out as having neopronouns online, and while most people were supportive, some said that that conservatives use those to make to make fun of trans people. My pronouns  ~  "Ne loves nir friends, because they love nem, and their acceptance helps nem love nemself more.". Mellow // 16 // he-they-angel- - - // @mellow-angelic-fellow. However, prescriptive grammarians in the late eighteenth century decided that it was bad grammar because it works like a plural and because it isn't done in Latin. All third person pronouns in English have five forms. about the mods! so valid!!!! Well no, there are some that are extremely disrespectful. Make sure you’re getting your info from trans sources, make sure you’re encouraging other cis people to do the same. Blue is for older pronoun sets and the history behind them. yeah, you got it completely right!! If you know of any GN pronouns feel free to reblog and add unto the list and i’ll edit the original as well c: I removed some of the pronouns because some of them were themed! I'm now literally aiming to list every orientation ever. Most flags for mogai sexualities- no hate but the mods do not really understand this. Yes, just like the folk law You’re more than welcome to ask questions about any of these, especially if you’re trying to find a pronoun set with a certain sound or don’t know how to use a set. In English, people are usually called by a pronoun that implies their gender. I love how you are creating options beyond they/them. all pronouns are good pronouns if they work for you! redbubble findyourthing punkauracrystal grimoire … panromantic, demiromantic etc. here you can learn about neopronouns, ask things, submit neopronouns, or request a guide, graphic, aesthetic, or drabble for your pronouns! also, for trying these out, you can use this website (or send the full set to me & i can do a validation for you). Many more neopronouns exist than binary pronouns, and you can check out a list of neopronouns here. How can I try out / practice using neopronouns? ot/ott/otts/otts/ottself (rhymes with "not"), nix/nix/niz/niz/nixself (rhymes with "fix" and "fizz"), i think they're pretty cool, and i wanted to put them out there for anyone who'd want to use them as well. him becomes himself. In 2020, I chose to move my list of orientations to Google Docs, and massively expand it. :3. I said i didnt care what conservatives thought of me, and they said I was part of the ignorance and wasn't really helping make the world a … punkauracrystal I like making weird stuff. Poc + enby? Many thanks to oldbore and verysmallbird for pointing out the triggers and problematic bits of the first two texts I’ve added them to the list <33 love them. list of neopronouns. Well here's a link to a whole bunch of them! The term “neopronouns” tends to refer to pronoun sets developed from the 20th century (or sometimes 19th century) to today. You can see the spreadsheet of results in full here, which might be helpful if you need to see … Definitely, always defer to trans people who are willing and knowledgeable in the issue you’re talking about. Honestly I feel like neopronouns have nothing to do with neurodivergincy. you, user of neopronouns! here you can learn about neopronouns, ask things, submit neopronouns, or request a guide, graphic, aesthetic, or drabble for your pronouns! Do not interact if you are truscum, transmed, racist, or anti-MOGAI. you got the pronoun list right too!! The green and orange neopronoun flag was designed by Tumblr user Ferns-Garden/Beanjamoose on or before Jul 1, 2019. And here are some neat resources for testing out neopronouns! ☆What neopronouns are there? NOVA 🌟 THEY/THEM/LUN/LUNS 🌟 GAY 🌟 ENBY 🌟 ABOUT 🌟 BYF Index What the fuck is this allowed Archive All about me! juxefluix: fluid/flux between agender woman, nonbinary woman, and rarely binary woman, (“He asked for a tea set for his birthday, but I told him to get one himself.”), “Re asked for a tea set for reds birthday, but I told red to get one redself.”, “Or asked for a tea set for orange birthday, but I told ora to get one orangeself.”, “Ye asked for a tea set for yellow birthday, but I told yel to get one yellowself.”, “Gree asked for a tea set for greens birthday, but I told green to get one greenself.”, “Blu asked for a tea set for blues birthday, but I told blue to get one blueself.”, “Pur asked for a tea set for purple birthday, but I told purp to get one purpself.”, “Rai asked for a tea set for rainbow birthday, but I told rain to get one rainself.”, “Ne asked for a tea set for neon birthday, but I told neo to get one neonself.”, “Pa asked for a tea set for pastel birthday, but I told pas to get one pastelself.”, “Co asked for a tea set for color birthday, but I told col to get one colorself.”, - Suggest a pronoun by sending me an ask or messaging me, Thank you for 45 followers!! Hi! Fuck Yeah Neopronouns! But do be watchful of how the other cis people you’re educating are sometimes much more willing to take the info from you simply because you aren’t “one of those weird, extreme” trans folks, because you are like them and you provide a middle ground to what they view as the extremity of trans activism and existence. Both mods are happy to help you come up with pronouns for you to use. The color meanings are as follows: Green is for masculine-identifying people who use neopronouns. Nounself pronouns are a type of neopronouns that are clearly derived from a preexisting word or words to be used as a gender neutral pronoun set. View these items and more here! Closing cats eyes, cat smiled a bit, letting the warm breeze wash over catself for a moment before opening cats eyes again and watching the clouds drift across the golden sky above. This is a gender centered around feelings of frenzyness and energy! Many more neopronouns exist than binary pronouns, and you can check out a list of neopronouns here. gorgeous! I am cis and an old-school editor/grammarian, but eager to learn respectful ways of referring to people as they wish. ex: xe/xem/xyr/xyrs/xemself, not just xe/xem. Neopronouns can be used by anyone, though most often they are used by transgender, non-binary, and/or gender nonconforming people. <3 I appreciate your support and willingness to learn. #Aw cutie. under the cut! the pronoun list, i would say, is about 75% complete. Thank you, Cornelia! lucro-fox liked this . Not only to find the public resurgence of this topic that’s very important to me, but also because it’s nice to see a 72 year old linguist who has put such sensitive and dedicated effort into it, putting a perspective on both women’s and nonbinary rights in gendered language. this association could be aesthetic, metaphorical, etc. Blog is run by a nonbinary lesbian and a toygender + bugender leaning kid. balsamrps reblogged this from askanonbinary. nounself? 14,251 notes. Neopronouns! I'm stellarian nonbinary, and more specifically my gender can be described as queer or aporagender. abandenian: a gender related to a garden that, though it was once upkept and grand, has been abandoned and become overgrown, thorny, and partly dead. Like, groves and burrows and the woods. Additionally: please tell us if a flag looks similar to something used by maps. White/Euro-American, intersectional feminist, neurodivergent. I’ve also seen “fey” pronouns but I have no idea how to decline them. It can also be related to sugar rushes and is based off the colors in the RazzApple MagicDip Fun Dip :], A gender that’s related to foxes but more quiet? I specialize in conventional neopronouns, but nounself and emojiself pronouns are also beautiful and people who do not respect them are not welcome here. no identity is invalid based on pronouns! may i ask what neopronouns zero is chill w/? tor pronoun anon again!! (temp) Blog is run by a nonbinary lesbian and a toygender + bugender leaning kid . fantastic!!!! ... and that can happen across broad swaths of the Internet through Tumblr or in … Hey! I’m not entirely sure what the second part of this ask means? The meaning is unknown. cat/cat/cats | request a neopronoun drabble. White is for non-binary identifying people who us… it isnt sure if it wants to actually use them though, and for now is mostly exclusively using it/its since it just prefers the dehumanization aspect considering it doesnt consider itself human. But it is quite disconcerting to have been talking about these things so much as a nonbinary trans person, and have cis people repeatedly ignore or be openly, sometimes violently, hostile to me and my people, and then see cis people re-sharing the same info and be premoted and accepted by many of the same people who are so hesitant to accept that info from actual trans people. And I’m off to still hunt for more! Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. magical! Look forward to hearing more. vulpacagender: a gender that is related to foxes, but is more quiet and less hectic. somewhat active as of right now! Here is a sample list of criteria you could consider. astounding! could I request a flag for a gender related to deers but functioning extremely energetically and often going on and off. So you don't have to write out the reflexive form unless it's irregular, and you can usually assume that xe/xem/xyr will have the reflexive "xemself," unless specified otherwise. Flag requests: on! Original Tumblr post Welcome to this year’s worldwide report based on the 24,576 responses to the Gender Census, which ran from 12th February until 7th April 2020. List of sexualtites Hi guys, before I start I would just like to point out that there are many different types of attraction. vir? Prescriptive grammarians of the late eighteenth century instead recommended using "he… xe? hy? genderjunk: a gender that is rebellious, laid-back, and punk; subversigender: an antigender that is subversive, anarchistic, and anti-establishment. a rly rly big list of neo pronouns ., It's obvious to me they use it as a buffer so that if you criticize it/them then they can call you "abelist". Flags for your gender- if you don’t request specific colors we will choose ones that seem fitting and possibly add an icon to the flag. Nya peered around the corner, nyas body pressed against the wall to stay out of sight. Cat plopped onto the fresh grass, not minding the way it brushed against cats skin. I will say, I do highly appreciate the work cis allies do to learn about and educate on trans issues and topics, and it is necessary for cis people to use your privilege that way…. Please read the … This list contains about every pronoun I could find. Gender neutral pronouns other than they/them have existed in the English language for actual centuries. A few examples of these are described in greater detail on Wikipedia, where you can also find examples of how to use some of them in sentences. he & she mashups note: only transgender people can reclaim and use "heshe". may also have an aesthetic association with groves and burrows. DNI: transmed, truscum, anti-mogai, terfs, pedos, nazis, endos AND supporters, ace exclus, or any other idiots. abandenian xenogender aesthetigender my flags my terms new flag new term mogai flag mogai term mogai List of neopronouns; List of [gender]-loving-[gender]/juvelic terms in a handy chart; List of genders; a very long list of genders; a list of gender lists; Transgender Studies Quarterly 2014-2020 [google drive folder] Art commission info; resources for religious queers: Muslim: I Am Not Haraam; Jewish: TransTorah, Keshet; Christian: Hope Remains Every Pronoun Set Of Which We Are Aware General Non-English Animal Nature Creature Royal Misc/Vaguely Grouped Pronoun Credits Feel free to send an ask if you need help, but read the FAQ on the landing page first. That turned out to be nyas undoing, because a moment later, nya was found by nyas bemused friend. Flags for people that are on the DNI list. Please be patient and we’ll upload it as soon as possible, thank you! You want to be basically the only person with these pronouns This project is now a continual work in progress because of that, but is fairly complete. Hello! The word in question does not have to be a noun. Pronouns are also always written out in that order, ex. great! ey/em/eirs ze/hir/hirs they/them/theirs. We do not want that association with our blog and you can dm about it if needed. If you ever have particular questions don’t be afraid to ask, though I can be a slow responder about non-urgent things at times. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Genderqueer and nonbinary lesbians are wonderful.") DNI: transmed, truscum, anti-mogai, terfs, pedos, nazis, endos AND supporters, ace exclus, or any other idiots. the vast majority i got from @pronoun-provider‘s lists (a handful of the cat & canine ones i invented, but idc about credit or w/e, so). Neopronouns like xe/xem/xeir and ze/zir/zirs also allow people to refer to folks in the third person without placing them in a gender binary — Xe is such an incredible writer, you think while reading an awesome book by a nonbinary human. emojis? >×< Before You Follow Theme Credit Theme Credit where your gender can be described as simple as it just existing independently from the concept of a gender binary. The purple neopronoun flag was designed by‎ AkoiFish on April 25, 2020 on LGBTA+ Wikia. It makes them above criticism This one is definitely a book I’m highly excited for, as a nonbinary linguist. trans comfort is more important than truscum ideology!!! <3 And thank you for offering the pronunciations! This is not either of the mods main account so it may take them a few days to see your request. If anyone has requests I’d like some asks to answer tomorrow :]], i didn’t know boygender was a thing that’s kind of me. it’s a form of rebellion against traditional gender ideals. where your gender simply feels blank, but feels looser and less rigid. Any flag for a gender that seems harmful or offensive (including genders that are based on symptoms of mental illness and trauma). I specialize in conventional neopronouns, but nounself and emojiself pronouns are also beautiful and people who do not respect them are not welcome here. i am also new to MOGAI, i usually just say i identify as male to make stuff a bit easier and i’m pansexy sunglasses i have somuch love to give and will hand u a flower. Gender Ramblings — Neopronouns are lovely! Idk if anyone's gonna see this but I'm genuinely trying to learn so I apologise if I anything I say is offensive, but like I've seen ppl say they use it/its pronouns and I'm a binary trans guy and ppl would call me an "it" to like,, be rude so idk Im curious about why people feel more comfortable using those pronouns/neopronouns in general. The flag is used by the blog yourfave-uses-neopronouns. Nya had to force back a laugh as nyas friend scanned the area for nya, completely missing nyas position. Love your approach. Genderpax: a peaceful gender that is bright and airy.Etymology: Latin, “pax” meaning “peace”, Hey! Limited to neopronouns and some some smaller nounself pronouns. this is gonna be a long list, so i’m putting it under a read more. Lesbians who prefer neopronouns are wonderful. First, asking either friends or pronoun blogs like mine to use your pronouns for you is a very good way to test them out! Jan 25, 2014. Fae/Fay/Fey pronouns. neopronoun list. Only interact to learn, if you are: exclusionist, truscum, transmed, “pro-ship”, DNI: radfems/T(W)ERFs, racists, antisemites, ableists, Dennis Baron (he/him/his), a University of Illinois professor emeritus of English, writes about the history of pronoun use and how we adapt, Addressing one of the most pressing cultural questions of our generation, Dennis Baron reveals the untold story of how we got from he