By Gary Trust 5/2/2016 Music has evolved a lot throughout the years. Here we are in 2020, but what were country fans listening to 20 years ago, upon the arrival of 2000? 8 Songs That Topped the Charts 20 Years Ago. are turning 20 this year. Check. Something tells us that a song listing all the terrible things happening in the world wouldn't be super popular if it came out today. All these tracks came out in 1984 — 30 years ago. It is 2014. 1998 which is now 20 BLOODY YEARS AGO, was a strange year in British music. Feel old yet? I was in the prime early music listening years at the time. Click through the slideshow to relive the memories and see all of the Billboard Hot 100 #1 songs from 20 years ago. We can't quite come to terms with the fact that 1997 was two decades ago (TWO DECADES!) The Billboard Year-End chart is a chart published by Billboard which denotes the top song of each year as determined by the publication's charts. ... She telling lies over 20 years old (20 years old) I guess the game is to be sold, not told (Whoa!) A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "twenty-year-old" - from the website. and that some of our favourite hits, born in the very same year, are officially 20 years old. Fifteen years … Seventeen years ago today, we were goin' crazy for Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca," as the song began a five-week domination of the Billboard Hot 100. Since 1946, Year-End charts have existed for the top songs in pop, R&B, and country, with additional album charts for each … 1994 might be one of the greatest years in music history, and I say that with the knowledge of my age. Britpop was running on empty with Oasis lying low after the backlash to Be Here Now and Pulp moving on with the dark This is Hardcore. Playboi Carti, Hoodrich Pablo Juan. There were only nine of them because some of the songs were monster hits that year. But 50 years ago, people didn't have social media and cable news pumping the negative information into their eyes and ears 24/7, so The Temptations were really breaking ground with this funky screed. The No. That … Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were getting our music fix at Tower Records, and squinting at liner notes when we listen to our records? What 'All Songs Considered' Sounded Like 20 Years Ago : All Songs Considered Hosts Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton look back at the first year of the program, which turns 20 years old this month. It was bad enough these songs being 20 years old, but this is just too much. Songs like Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle" and Blink-182's "What's My Age Again?" By Kyzia Maramara. She said she's never done. Take a trip down memory lane with the best hits of 1999.