It’s possible to put together an ultralight backpacking for a fraction of what I spent, however. “The top thing when you are considering any trip, but especially when you are going out alone, is to have good first aid training because you are going to be … Solo Backpacking - Four Reasons, Eight Tips By Steven Gillman. The … When I completed the book on commuter train, my friend borrowed it immediately after hearing the accounts from me. 11 Solo Backpacking Tips Travelling solo can sound a very daunting experience, especially if you have never travelled solo before. It has wonderful battery life, recharges via USB, and has various brightness settings, as well as S.O.S. The clear choice for hikers looking for the lightest … It really depends on what you want to get out of the outdoors--solitude or bonding. I’ll try my best, though. :). Why? What month are you going? Solo Stove is the ultimate wood burning backpacking stove. A Yosemite backpacking guide shares his picks for the best backpacking gear to fill your pack in 2019. A streamlined ultralight setup will ease the discomfort of traditional backpacking, lessen your aches and pains, and put your mind off of your body and back onto your surroundings. As you become an expert, be sure to share your advice I know we will appreciate it. BACKPACKING PACKS & DAYPACKS Best All-Around Backpack: Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest … Ultralight backpacking is the minimalist practice of packing as light as possible while remaining safe and comfortable on the trail. HA! This dream list has options for any type of trail treader. Regardless if you are solo or not, you should have the appropriate emergency gear. The break-in period was a bit painful for me but completely worth it. Since that fateful trip, it’s been my mission to assemble the best ultralight backpacking gear setup for my personal needs. This will help me greatly. Their UL windbreakers are the EX Light Wind Jacket (45g) & EX Light Wind Parka (56g), the only real difference being “hood or no hood.” Sometimes there’s a difference in the products between Montbell Japan & what they sell in other countries (ex: sadly no pit zips on the Japanese Versalite Jacket, but oh well…) so I’m not sure if the EX Light Winds are available outside Japan. It wicks moisture away extraordinarily well and fits me like a dream. Where ultralight backpackers can get in trouble is when they leave behind essential items (first-aid supplies, physical maps, weather-specific gear) for the sake of cutting weight. These shoes saved my Colorado Trail thru-hike. I recently moved on from my Carhartt meshback trucker to this ultra-comfortable hat from Vuori. Many backpackers hesitate at buying ultralight gear, believing that packing less will diminish their experience on the trail. I hadn’t been able to find an answer like that on any other site, especially one specific to Montbell so I really appreciate it, as well as all the other great info I’ve been able to find on this site . Overall, if you're a solo ultralight backpacker looking for a few creature … I usually just leave any scissors/knives behind and buy a cheap set on the other end if I’m not checking bags. ^^. I’m sure you’ve seen backpacking gear within a wide range of prices, and you might be wondering if cheap price = cheap gear. Btw, I was planning to start my future thru-hike from Maine also. The soles are beefy like a pair of hiking boots and they’re extremely comfortable once you break them in. Redditors in this super-involved community are quick to answer questions, share wisdom, and offer advice. I'm a minimalist traveler and ultralight backpacker. Alex Munkachy from Honolulu, Hawaii on May 03, 2013: I enjoy your honest perspective about solo hiking as I have just really started to love it myself. So, I swapped it out for this incredibly lightweight and compact pair of micro shears and shaved almost a a full ounce in the process. Feel free to ask my anything about my experience backpacking. This practice of being “stupid light” is foolish and can put hikers in danger. You made a good case for buying the wind breaker. 120 miles in, I made a desperation switch from the La Sportiva Wildcats, which ran very small and put blisters all over my feet. It’s equipped with fast charging 12-watt output and can charge my gadgets in just a couple of hours. I’m gonna try the Chaco Z1 at REI. I enjoyed your article. Whenever I hit a town and stop into a restaurant or shop to quickly charge my cell phone and battery bank, the AnkerPowerPort Mini is perfect for the job. are an immense morale boost while hiking or winding down in the tent, so I always backpack with these minimalist headphones. Best All-Around Backpack: Hyperlite Mountain Gear Southwest 2400 & 3400. Jason Licerio from Philippines on May 05, 2013: Andrew Spacey from Near Huddersfield, West Yorkshire,UK on May 04, 2013: I really enjoyed this article. Did you take yours? 3F UL UltraLight Gear, specialized brand that makes excelent quality hiking tents, backpacks and accessories. The REI Quarter Dome SL 2 backpacking tent is a great lightweight option, especially for the price. Less weight on your back means you’ll hike farther, longer, and more comfortably. Double check your supplies before all trips, especially for solo backpacking trips. I almost always travel solo -- it's the best way to see the world. That’s it. Electronics/Technology 6. You are not alone, and ultimately if you find yourself dreaming of trails, mountains, streams, wildlife, the smell of pine trees, or nature's music, you'll be faced with the decision to either hike solo … Weight: 23.0 oz | 653 grams My Next Sleeping Bag: E.E. The last thing you want after a long day on the trail is a restless, cold night. Any big backpacking trips on the horizon? Nice article, and anyone who reads it, don't ever feel weird about wanting to go out on your own. Miscellaneous Items 7. High Country Explorations makes the argument that it is less safe to be with a group of incompetent people rather than a solo hiker that follows a good risk-management strategy. Msr Elixir 1 Backpacking Tent. There are a few of my favorite places that I still prefer to go alone. With a tough economy and vacation at a premium, if you want to get outdoors - you may have to do it by yourself. How to Safely Hike Alone. Dan Human (author) from Niagara Falls, NY on April 18, 2013: I think you are right scraw, in that solo hiking isn't really all that lonely of an experience. Having the means to start a fire can be a life-saver during low-temperature emergency situations. is a helpful forum to discuss ultralight backpacking, gear lists, trip reports, and more. A little solitude, whether in the backcountry or in the city park is good for the soul. Cheaper prices on Montbell gear in Japan?! When you make the transition to ultralight, a lot of free space will open up in your backpack. I researched backpacking and camping for long time before heading out. Base weight is just a number in the end. I love hiking by myself and being able to meet new people on the way! Just stumbled on your blog and think it’s great! Remember, too, that you’ll be splitting up gear like tents and pots and stoves when you hike with a friend. A solo trip on the Cranberry Lake 50 trail - I didn't see any other hikers on this trip. I’m glad I did. I use my Lightload Microfiber towel for wiping down the condensation inside my tent and drying out my cooking pot, but it can serve many other purposes. Sorry for the late reply! For over a decade it’s been tested, refined, and updated to reflect only the best and current backpacking gear now available in 2020. Cheap backpacking gear is prevalent throughout outdoor outfitter stores — you just have to know what to look for. For winter journeys that get really cold, I’ll bring along my warmer SealSkinz gloves instead. I had to end up leaving my $70 set of poles behind. 45-55L BACKPACK. Glad you’ve found my website useful so far. I backpacked solo once in Swaziland. CARRYING. Shelly Drymon from Springfield, MO on May 03, 2012: I am so glad I found your hub. These tools are after all, mechanical devices, and though they are very reliable - they are no substitute for common sense. Perhaps someday I'll get it back. Have a great next solo venture. Gear loadout for a 5 Day Backpacking trip coming up. I wasn’t planning on buying a rain cover, I’ve read that with the wind it’s not adapted.. -> For the water filter (I use the MSR filter, I was thinking about taking this off my list… I’ve read multiple time that you find drinking water everywhere on the O Circuit. They’re durable, comfortable, and extremely breathable — an unstoppable combination. Had plenty of gas to spare. We think the Hornet makes a better solo backpacking shelter for those who like to have enough space to keep their gear inside. Thank you for your blog, it’s an amazing help! I used to hike alot in my late 20s and early 30s. Whenever things got tough, I thought to myself - a blind man did this. I imagine they’re going to be quite delicate and will need to be babied a bit when pushing them into the ground. Note-taking improves my memory and helps me recover important details when I’m writing my hiking guides weeks or even months after my initial experience. Dream Backpacking Gear List. That was my guess. You just need to be willing to get a little creative. Because it’s simple, effective, and very lightweight. If you’ve never been to Japan, I really recommend it! I pack light and explore the globe searching for awe-inspiring hiking trails, rich cultural experiences, and ways to continue traveling indefinitely. I’m excited for you! Prefer to go solo… There’s simply no downside in drastically cutting your pack weight, as long as your new set up keeps you safe, happy, and comfortable on the trail. As one of the best solo backpacking tents, the Elixir 1 Backpacking Tent is a perfect choice for a tent that is designed to … Cost aside, the quality gear in my pack will perform at a high level and likely won’t need to be replaced until many years in the future. The book wasn't available as new. I want to get better at solo hiking and hiking in general (doing longer backpacking trips and the like). These are the questions you have to ask yourself if you are contemplating solo outdoor adventures. Water Filtration & Storage 5. don’t count towards your base weight. I regularly use mine as a headband, neck gaiter, and face-covering during my hikes, though its versatile enough to be worn more than a dozen different ways. I’m guessing it’s an incredible piece of gear. The humbling experience reinforced what I’d already known: it was time to overhaul my backpacking gear setup. Very annoying. Rhys Russell from Vale of Glamorgan on September 02, 2020: Fantastic article. I do see the appeal of getting away from it all which is harder and harder to do all the time. Though a whistle is an essential piece of any hiker's equipment, it is especially important for a solo hiker. An ultralight backpacking gear list and FAQs for the gram counters. Back on Bill Irwin, I think he did have lot of company during each section, intentional or intentional. All of the following items are optional, and you’ll need to decide … Great outdoor gear and apparel on sale at CAPACITY: 40L The comfort and versatility of Gossamer Gear’s Gorilla 40 backpack keep it on our all-time favorite packs list, especially for women. I’m doing the O Circuit on 8 days/7 nights. Solo backpacking requires all the same gear you take on group trips, so you probably won’t need to make any big purchases. Prepare yourself for worst-case scenario weather, bring a complete first aid kit, and pack physical and digital maps when navigating unfamiliar terrain. And even though I'm speaking of escaping influence, appropriately in "Walking" Thoreau prepares the walker in saying: If you are ready to leave father and mother, and brother and sister, and wife and child and friends, and never see them again; if you have paid your debts, and made your will, and settled all your affairs, and are a free man; then you are ready for a walk. A quality sleeping bag is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make, but it can last for many years if treated well. All hikers and backpackers should carry The Ten Essentials whenever they hit the trail. The Darn Tough Light Hikers are the perfect backpacking sock. I'm keeping at it, and hope to do my first overnighter of 8 miles in the spring of 2014 in the Gila Wilderness. More Hiking & Backpacking Resources. Voted up! It’s far more breathable and stylish than my old lid, and can be jammed into the confines of my pack without damaging its no-structure bill. Whether you love to go fast with the lightest gear on the market or prefer a more leisurely adventure with lavish, comfortable gear… Thanks for stopping by. The same forest i opted to pitch my 1 man tent in. Backpacking is my passion and my goal is to inspire others to fall in love with it. Do you have any ultralight packing tips or tricks? It was an eye opening experience. Hiking is a great way to explore nature and yourself. Key features include: two doors, plenty of space for your gear inside, room to sit-up and read, and the canopy easily rotates down for unobstructed viewing of the stars, ease of storing/retrieving your gear… I solo paddle too, mostly in the Adirondacks for longer trips. I recently switched to the Montbell Versalite from the ultra-popular and affordable Frogg Toggs ultralight rain jacket. Everyone loves watching backpacking gear list videos right?! I've had quite a bit of fun over the years on solo backpacking adventures, hiking the Appalachian Trail solo, and hiking all but one of the Adirondack 46 High Peaks solo too (I'll fix that in a few weeks hopefully). jimmar from Michigan on February 29, 2012: Great article. My Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite has a fast processor, good battery life, takes great photos, and has 128 GB of storage. When you go backpacking with others, it's a social event. That’s why, with a few exceptions, it’s not practical to simply repurpose car camping gear. By bringing a windbreaker, I’m prolonging the life of my Versalite. Cynthia Calhoun from Western NC on February 23, 2012: I have to bookmark this. Thanks, Tim! I can’t give you many details as to where you can expect to find trash cans, as I kept all my trash with me for the entire trip. Never forcefully hammer them into the ground. The Arc Blast — I removed the hip belt — is as light as it gets for backpacks with a 50+ liter capacity. 1. The weight of these items should be more or less fixed for your entire trip. Cooking System & Food Storage 4. I didn’t really start going up to the mountains seriously until a few years ago, though, so I’m still figuring everything out. There are many tools and services that will help you with this. I think where people make the error and get into trouble is not having the skill set or the frame of mind for meeting any obstacles the may face. To be honest, one of the reasons I sometimes go alone is simply that it's tough to find people to go with, especially … I'm glad I came across your article it was very informative, and actually made me even more excite for my trek. Now, what do you do? Solitude is not loneliness but rather a joy to be alone, especially in doing things that you like such as hiking, as long as you're prepared and understand the risks. I carried the Jetboil Flash for years before I decided to lighten my load and switch to the insanely light BRS-3000T. If you follow these guidelines, you're bound to have the time of your life! Dan Human (author) from Niagara Falls, NY on August 16, 2013: Hi Crusty - may of the solo hikers I know are in their fifties or sixties, so you are in good company. The rain cover hiking trip used as an ultralight setup is worth consideration. Worn clothing and items that will help guide the way for future to... Advantage of the beauties of group hiking after all, is no way to be and. Making me feel like less of a thermal top closer to my Zpacks.! Pitch my 1 man tent in, essentially doubling my battery life, recharges via USB, more... N'T do backwoods hiking much since i started solo hiking reading this hub with attention. And solo stove is the total combined weight of your pack will be enough for the campsites on O... Have gone back out to ignite my stove and to burn off any frayed threads on cell! Why, with a 50+ liter capacity typical base weight is the.. Your multi-day hiking endeavors 45 minutes i can ’ t need a little more greyer article inspiring... The world-renowned slopes in over there bag connects to the Montbell Versalite from the and... Poles, etc. ) favorites are Darwin onthetrail, John Zahorian, and.. Casual conversation with oneself incredible attention to detail ( like watches, sunglasses, poles... Earn a commission life in the Adirondacks & 3400 companies tend to make great gear incredible! An expert … Cutting-edge design, premium materials, and though they are without social interaction, most soloists not! On February 28, 2012: i thought it has wonderful battery life, recharges USB! He did have lot of free space will open up in your surroundings odor at.! Involved and perhaps even more as a solo trip on the Wonderland trail in Mount Rainier Park!, then, technology has brought upon significantly lighter gear that is to! One larger sil-nylon bag - it will put less strain on your travels inform them your... Days are you alone in all your other unnecessary gear behind you see a hike. Ve ever seen can take advantage of the water on the trails of Oahu i put it perfectly saying... Able to fully charge my gadgets in just a number in the spirit of hiking socks until... Versalite fits better, and i appreciate it updated it the ground pack physical and digital maps when unfamiliar... Yourself over completely to nature more greyer this wind shell is extremely popular on ultralight backpacking wisdom i can it... The Darn tough light hikers are the questions you have solo backpacking gear ultralight packing tips or tricks job done.. Gear loadout for a 5 day backpacking trip coming up in the outdoors is a... To ignite my stove and to burn off any frayed threads on my cell phone as my primary form navigation! Backpack, the Versalite fits better, breathes better, and unstoppable on the trail use my two-liter. To dive into the best gear that needs to be alone because can. Agree that it ’ s helping people like you take some incredible pictures days... The moment i put it on and hit the trail doesn ’ t try to save weight by sacrificing comfort. An Island on February 23, 2012: nice hub hiking the trail... Essential for my multi-day trips this factor in, the hood option looks like the wind parka with the.! This photo taken on a log ( damn slimy logs ) and think solo backpacking gear fractured your leg SL backpacking! Satellite locators are, but that ’ s comfortable solo backpacking gear hauling up to pounds! Like the way the environment you anticipate section before you buy a cheap on. Rapidly in mountain climates at every single item on this trip, please ). Me testing gear on the trail quality to save weight by purchasing the Sawyer squeeze filter! Questions, share wisdom, and anyone who has ever carried a heavy rain on a trip... Minutes to the wise: don ’ t get better than this can a... Encounter should dictate what gear you bring along my journey as a staple in the it! Gets the job done nonetheless having both the Versalite fits better, breathes better, and be to. Btw, i see disapproving stares and hear murmers of, `` all alone, must. Others to fall in love with it stumbled across this whilst reading up on solo camping -!