Parallel Market: At the black market where forex is traded unofficially, the Naira appreciated against the dollar to close at N440/$1 on Tuesday, according to information from Abokifx, a prominent FX tracking website. The most trusted platform to get the live exchange rates. Lagos dollar to naira black market rate today. 1 GHS to NGN – 1 Cedi to Naira { Buy – Black Market Rate / Parallel Market Rate } Buy 65 / Sell 75; Below is a brief bout of the Ghanaian Cedi and Nigerian Naira About The Nigerian Naira. Twenty years later, in July 2019, the Lira gradually began to rise and reached 2,000. The local currency lost N2 against the US dollar from N463 it traded on Thursday to N465 on Friday. ... mid-market, exchange rate, so you can make huge savings on international transfers. The exchange rate at the black market is currently at N475/$1 and rose as high as N502/$1 last week. It is unfortunate and unfair for analysts to say Nigeria’s exchange rate is at 480 per dollar,” the Governor said. After that collapse, the dollar exchange rate began to gradually decline and pegged at the end of year 1998 at an average price of 1,507.5. Please note that Black market exchange rate is different from official market rate, the margin difference is usually large. 1995 $1 = N21.89 (N71.70 Black Market Rate) 1996 $1 = N21.89 (N84.58 Black Market Rate) 1997 $1 = N21.89 (N84.58 Black Market Rate) 1998 $1 = N21.89 (N84.70 Black Market Rate) 1999 $1 = N21.89 (N88-N90 Black Market Rate) 2000 $1 = N85.98 (N105.00 Black Market Rate) 2001 $1 = N99-N106 (N104-N122 Black Market Rate) 2002 $1 = N109-N113 (N122-N140 Black Market Rate) … A: One Euro is worth 449.1128 Nigerian Naira … Compare us to your bank Send money with TransferWise. Nigerian Parallel Market Can’t Dictate Naira Rate, Emefiele Says. If your Bureau de exchange rate goes below the sell rate here or above the buy rate here, don’t do the exchange. Related Tag: euro to naira bank rate today, 2000 euro to naira, convert 100 euro to naira, convert 50 euro to naira, 200 euro to naira, 20 euro to naira. Business 13 hours ago. Nigeria black market naira dollar twitter exchange rate naira to us dollar black market best image of stress sign black market s er than official naira rate usd naira is n211 today in the black market 280115 nigeria s central bank efforts to up the naira have not gone stress sign black market s er than official naira … ... “The black market is illegal where people do not provide documentation to support transactions. The local unit traded at 415 naira per dollar according to, which collates rates from street-traders in Lagos. Naira Falls Against Dollar, Trades at N463 on Black Market The Nigerian Naira declined against the United States dollar on the black market following the decision of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to adjust the nation’s official foreign exchange rate. The Nigerian naira is signified with the currency sign: ₦ and currency code: NGN. This follows calls by prominent market experts to inject dollars to the BDC to stop the slide of the naira against the dollars. the most recent rate of ₦ 390 at GTBank as of 24/11/2020; the lowest value of ₦ 390 at GTBank as of 24/11/2020 in last 30 days; the highest value of ₦ 480 at Fidelity Bank as of 01/11/2020 in last 30 days See More This makes a 0.51% decrease for Dollar rate against Naira in FX market this week.. New Dollar Wallpaper HD. Moreover, we added the list of the most popular conversions for visualization and the history table with exchange rate diagram for 3000 US Dollar (USD) to Nigerian Naira (NGN) from Sunday, 06/12/2020 till Sunday, 29/11/2020. The Nigerian Naira to dollar rate slid slightly against the United States dollar on Tuesday on the black market as social unrest continues to weigh on the nation’s economic outlook. In 1981, the dollar started to rise against the Lira, and it exceeded 2,800 Lira in September 1992. Dollar to naira black market exchange rate today march 2020 eduwapaz abokifx dollar naira exchange rate today euro pound black market rates wetinberate realtime official bdc dollar to naira is no longer 387 50 see the new exchange rate and its in black market opera news naira parallel market nigeria is no longer running short on dollars for now quartz africa Gold price today in Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today Black Market per ounce and gram of … They are Angolan investor, Isabel Santos, American media mogul Oprah Winfrey and Nigerian Oil mogul Folorunsho Alakija. The FX market is in a constant state of flux, rising or falling in response to economic and fiscal stimuli occurring anywhere on the planet earth. Amount. The page provides the exchange rate of 3000 US Dollar (USD) to Nigerian Naira (NGN), sale and conversion rate. Market Watch. To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. One dollar is divided into 100 cents, or into 1000 mills for accounting and taxation purposes. Also read: Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate Today (Black Market and CBN) Three richest black women in the world still made the Forbes list of back billionaires in 2017. Inside dollar to naira Lagos black market exchange rate today as at ., December 7, 2020 11:33 pm [the current value of a dollar to naira in black market today vary depending on the amount of money being exchanged and bargain power]. Latest euro to naira exchange rate in black market today february today abokifx lagos black market exchange rates for dollar pounds abokifx dollar naira exchange rate today euro pound black market usd naira is n211 today in the black market 280115 how much is dollar to naira in black market february 2020 coronavirus oil price crash trigger dollar shortage in nigeria. Buy and Sell Nigerian Naira for UK Pounds Sterling, US Dollars, Ghana Cedis, Euros and Bitcoin at best Naira Exchange Rates today. TradeNAIRA is the only transparent Nigerian Naira Currency Exchange. The naira has traded around 305.5 naira to the dollar on the official interbank market since August, while it was quoted at 487 to the dollar on the parallel market on Monday. This has mounted pressure on the concerned stakeholders to look for ways to increase the capacity of the country’s refineries. US Dollar to Naira exchange rate is ₦377.5836 in Nigeria foreign exchange markets (FX markets) today, December 12, 2020.Dollar started this week at ₦379.52 in foreign exchange markets on Monday, December 07, 2020. Just like 2016, we hope more liquidity would alleviate the situation and give the exchange rate a positive outlook. The local currency lost N1 against the US dollar to N463 while against the British pound it … Send money to Nigeria with the best NGN exchange rates for USD, EUR, BTC, GHC and GBP The naira was at 315.17 per dollar on Tuesday, though the rate is about 30 percent weaker on the black market as businesses struggle to access foreign exchange. Similarly, the Naira depreciated by […] Naira Exchange at N462 Against US Dollar on the Black Market. This is N20 depreciation when compared with the closing exchange rate of N325 per dollar in the parallel market on Friday, 12th February. Its lowest in almost three years. Naira Extends Decline on Black Market, Exchanges at N465/$ Naira extended its decline against the United States dollar on Friday as scarcity amid devaluation persists. Nigeria’s central bank directed banks to pay dollars to the beneficiaries of remittances from abroad via international money-transfer operators to boost supply of the U.S. currency. The NNPC has also said that the refineries in the country can only meet 17% of the total demand in the country. ... 2000: 2000: 2000: 2150: Milk: Dano (Refill) 500g: 1000: 950: 1000: 1000: 987.5: 800: 800: 800: 800: 800: Milk: ... Naira falls again at black market as dollar supply drops by 54% despite demand pressure. The following tables shows the latest Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate Today Black Market and updated regularly. The local currency declined by N1 from the N461 it exchanged against the US dollar during the week to N462 during the weekend, its lowest exchange rate in almost two years. The naira has strengthened by 6% to 470 per dollar in the parallel market since Monday, according to, while the spot rate weakened 0.6% to 391.90. EURO to Naira Black Market (Lagos) Rates. The page primary focus is on Indian rupee to Naira daily black market exchange rate today which includes black market 1 INR ₹ to NGN ₦ rate. Frequency distribution of exchange rate between us dollar uzbekistan s lucrative currency exchange black market one zimbabwe s us dollar bond notes have lost value and frequency distribution of exchange rate between us dollar nigerian naira to u s dollar exchange rates ngn usd Naira to dollar The United States dollar is the official currency of the United States and its territories per the Coinage Act of 1792. Nigeria's central bank had long been expected to to allow the naira to be more flexible and trade at a market-driven rate. Nigerian black market foreign exchange dealers were quoting the naira in a spread between 325-345 to the U.S. dollar on Monday, firmer than 355 on Friday as new interbank trading started. The dollar to naira black market rate is hugely affected by the oil production rate in the country. The local currency depreciated by N2 against the US dollar from the N461 it […] New Dollar Wallpaper HD. Naira hits n509 to 1 at forwards market as demand for the u s abokifx get black market exchange rates naira to dollar pound naira falls to n410 per dollar at black market businessday ng dollar to naira rate black market in 2020 usd ngn exchange abokifx 2020 cur black market exchange rate in nigeria abokifx dollar naira exchange rate today euro pound black. Naira resumed its bearish trend against the United States dollar during the weekend on the black market. Dollar to naira rate black market may 21 2018 fxmallam devaluation naira hits n186 to 1 in abuja black market bellanaija us dollar to naira exchange rate today february 2019 aboki fx how much is dollar to naira in black market february 2020 usd naira is n211 today in the black market 280115 get accurate abokifx naira to usd other exchange rates. Canadian Dollar to Nigerian Naira Convert CAD to NGN at the real exchange rate. US Dollar to Naira bank rate has. Naira experiences its biggest daily depreciation against the dollar as it exchanged for N345 to a dollar in the black market today. In the official spot market, naira traded 386.51 per dollar as of 4:15pm in Lagos, the highest it has traded in 24 years. Convert foreign currencies instantly with the Abokifx calculator. This represents a N25 gain when compared to the N465/$1 that it exchanged on Monday, August 31.